Baby Toddler Adventure – Interview with Jen Williams

I’ve always believed that the best businesses are born when you aim to solve a problem you’ve experienced yourself. You start from the shoes of your target customer and that’s a level of customer insight you cannot buy.


In this, the 9th profile in our 24 days of Micro Businesses, we’re talking to a founder who did just that – started a business following her own experiences and solved a problem she herself had experienced.


Jen Williams launched Baby Toddler Adventure to curate gift boxes perfect for parents, based on her own experiences of receiving gifts and we’re talking to her today about all things running a business and navigating a pandemic!

In a nutshell, what do you do?

I curate thoughtful gift boxes for parents.

Who do you run the business with?

I run this small biz completely solo but with the support of my wonderful family.

What makes you different from other gift companies?

I have curated these gift boxes specifically with parents in mind, particularly knowing what they would enjoy as I am a parent myself.


I very much believe that as much as you should celebrate the baby when they are born, the parent should also be celebrated! So these gift boxes contain useful/practical items and treats for them to enjoy.

What inspired you to start this sort of business?

Being a mum myself I realised there weren’t that many options for gifts for mums out there.


When I was pregnant, a friend of mine, who hasn’t got any children, asked me to help her figure out what gift she should get me as she didn’t know what would be appropriate.


I realised there is a demand for curating specialised gift boxes to facilitate these sorts of needs.


I was also very keen to support other small businesses and why the majority of the boxes are curated with items from other small businesses across the UK.


2020: What a year! How have you navigated Covid?

Well I actually launched my business two weeks before the original lockdown began!


So as you can imagine everything ground to a halt. I was gutted that on the 23rd March I had to close my “virtual” doors after only being open for such a short time. But I knew safety had to be a priority! When it was safe again, I was able to commence operations!


Luckily I am an online-only business so lockdown 2 hasn’t affected me in the same way.

What do you love most about running your business?

I love being creative and also connecting with others. I hadn’t realised how strong the small business and the motherhood community is on places like Instagram until I started this business.


Running this business has been a real learning curve, and I am continuing to learn each day!


I also host a guest blog series on the website and I am proud to share some wonderful stories. You can find blog posts on a range of topics from sleep advice, to tips for taking the best photos of your children, to how to work around your children at home – to a first hand birth experience, written by a host of amazing people! I look forward to reading each post and sharing with others.


I believe the parenting “adventure” is much easier if we all come together and support each other. Even if it’s just knowing you aren’t alone in this!


What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Getting myself out there! I am, by nature, quite an introvert. But I am trying more and more to get out of my comfort zone and try new things as I am really aware that in order for my business to get noticed, I have to get noticed!


Within the first few weeks of my business opening I was interviewed on the radio. It was such a nerve-wracking experience but I am proud that I pushed myself and it was a successful interview!


Can you offer one piece of advice for an aspiring entrepreneur?

Research. Find out if your business idea is feasible and make a plan! You can never have too much information.

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