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5 Ways to Grow Your Business AND Reduce Your Corporation Tax Bill

Today, Miguel writes for us on a topic lots of you have asked us questions about before – cutting your corporation tax bill! We’re not accountants, so we thought we better bring in an expert to deal with the topic and in this piece, Miguel will talk about using profits to invest back into the company thus cutting your corporation tax bill while simultaneously growing your business. Over to you, Miguel.

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credit history

Does your Personal Credit Rating Affect your Business Loan Application?

One of the questions we’ve been asked on multiple occasions is about the link between personal credit ratings and securing business finance. We’re no finance experts… but we have managed to get the expert input of someone who is. In this piece, contributed by Sho Sugihara who is is the CEO of credit building app Portify. Portify’s technology has pioneered a way to assess creditworthiness in real time. The app partners with Credit Reference Agencies to improve peoples credit scores. Sho answers the question for us about what impact your personal credit history might have on a business loan application.

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trivial benefits small gifts for employees

Trivial Benefits – A Guide for Employers

‘Trivial benefits’ might sound like the name of some dodgy daytime quiz show. But as much as affairs relating to tax normally send me to sleep (thank goodness for Accountants), understanding trivial benefits is really useful for employers who treat their staff to gifts. So here’s our guide for employers (in plain English with no jargon, promise).

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