Freelancing Statistics UK 2020

Freelancing Statistics UK 2020

In this article we take a look into the world of freelance businesses in the UK to find out which careers are most popular amongst...

Startup Statistics UK 2020

Is Britain really one of the best places in the world to start a business? And how many startups are there in a given year...
small business saturday statistics 2019

Small Business Saturday Statistics 2019

This Saturday will be the 7th year Small Business Saturday has been celebrated here in the UK. But what exactly is Small Business Saturday? And...
micro business statistics 2019

Micro Business Statistics 2019

Micro Business Statistics 2019 (UK) Micro businesses are a significant contributor to the UK economy. But just how many of them are they? We took...

We all love a good statistic. Or is that just me?

Anyway, this is where we compile all of our data centric posts – content that analyses facts and figures relevant to the micro businesses and freelancers in the UK today.