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media enquiry journo request platforms

6 Media Enquiry Services (That are not HARO)

For anyone looking to get a client or their own brands in the press, media enquiry services can be game changing. HARO is probably the most well known, but by no means the only one. So here are some more UK centric alternatives.

best keyword research tools

The Best Keyword Research Tools in 2021

Keyword research tools. There are hundreds of options, but which are the best? Here are my personal favourites based on years of trying, using, dropping, changing and signing up for new ones!

add content and products

How to Build an Ecommerce Website in 2022

Need to get your physical shop online quickly? Here’s our guide to building an ecommerce website fast in 2022 with user-friendly and fast to launch hosted solutions.

Over half of Brits are happy to work from home for as long as is needed

The Best Home Office Chairs Under £200

The small matter of a pandemic has more of us working from home than ever before. A solid home office chair is an important purchase and here’s our round up of the best for under £200.

proposal writing software

The Best Proposal Writing Software

Writing business proposals can be a tedious task. And while software can’t win the deal for you, there are plenty of tools that can help to make the process a little less laborious. Let’s take a look at some of the best proposal software available

7 Tips for Super SEO Copywriting

As an SEO specialist myself, it might seem odd for me to open a guide to SEO copywriting by saying that I actually despise that

free and paid rankings checkers

How to Check Your Keyword Rankings for SEO

Free ways and paid tools to check your keyword rankings as a freelancer or micro business. We’ve rounded up free tools, freemium tools, paid rankings checkers and outlined some manual ways in which you can check your keyword rankings.

Advice from Pros


How To Get A Mortgage When You’re Self-Employed

Self employed mortgage applications can seem an intimidating and complex process. So we’ve spoken to four mortgage experts to get top tips on improving your chances of landing a mortgage as a sole trader or self employed company director.

add content and products

How to Build an Ecommerce Website in 2022

Need to get your physical shop online quickly? Here’s our guide to building an ecommerce website fast in 2022 with user-friendly and fast to launch hosted solutions.


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Remote working statistics 2021

Remote Working Statistics 2021

Remote working allows people to essentially work from anywhere, (not necessarily just from home). But just how prevalent is remote working in 2021? We’ve taken a look in our 2021 round up of UK remote working statistics.

Startup Statistics UK 2020/2021

Is Britain really one of the best places in the world to start a business? And how many are started in a given year here?

We analysed the figures and have compiled a list of must know startup statistics for 2021.

Side hustle statistics banner

Side Hustle Statistics UK

The phenomenon of the “side hustle” — namely having a second source of income in addition to a full-time job, is on the rise in the public. Let’s crunch the numbers.

furlough statistics

Furlough Scheme Statistics 2020

The government’s new furlough scheme (officially named the “Job Retention Scheme”) has helped millions of employees around the UK to keep their jobs and continue

Freelancing Statistics UK 2020

Freelancing Statistics UK 2020

In this article we delve into freelance statistics in the UK to find out which careers are most popular amongst freelancers and which types of

business grant lottery

Business Grants: A Postcode Lottery?

Are business grants in the UK a bit of a postcode lottery? Statistics from The UK Domain reveals the areas with the most and least funding for business grants across the country.

Talking Money

Money. Can be a bit of a headache, can’t it? We’ve sourced some tips to help with anything from funding to chasing up pesky unpaid invoices.

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Talking Money


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