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A curated list of business grants in the UK
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free vat calculator

UK Vat Calculator Tool (And How to Calculate VAT)

If you’ve just registered for VAT, then you’ll find you suddenly have a touch more paperwork. Calculating VAT isn’t complicated. So in this post, we go through how to do it and also provide a simple handy calculator tool to do it for you.

media enquiry journo request platforms

7 Media Enquiry Services (That are not HARO)

For anyone looking to get a client or their own brands in the press, media enquiry services can be game changing. HARO is probably the most well known, but by no means the only one. So here are some more UK centric alternatives you should try in 2024.

free and paid rankings checkers

How to Check Your Keyword Rankings for SEO in 2024

Free ways and paid tools to check your keyword rankings as a freelancer or micro business. We’ve rounded up free tools, freemium tools, paid rankings checkers and outlined some manual ways in which you can check your keyword rankings.

working from home isolation

Loneliness and Working from Home: How to Handle It

Work from home has so many benefits that we talk about and celebrate constantly. But what we talk about less is the isolation and loneliness many people experience when they work from home for large parts (or even all of) their week. We talked to a number of people from various businesses and sectors about their experience of handling feelings of isolation when working from home.

Over half of Brits are happy to work from home for as long as is needed

The Best Home Office Chairs Under £200

Even post pandemic, many of us are still working at home at least some of the time. And what we’ve come to learn is that the one place it’s worth spending time getting the right kit is in your desk and chair setup. The wrong office chair can leave you with aches and pains. But you don’t have to break the bank for a comfortable working set up. Here’s our pick of the best home office chairs for under £200.


ChatGPT and Small Businesses – What Are The Benefits?

ChatGPT. Buzz word? Job stealer? Or revolutionary AI technology that could assist your business? We think that, used right, it’s the latter. And here are some of the benefits of ChatGPT for small businesses in 2023.

4 of Our Favourite Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools

Working hard to generate traffic to your site only for that traffic not to complete your enquiry forms or buy your stuff can be frustrating. If you’re aware you’ve got a conversion rate issue but you’re not sure where to start to fix it, there are some tools that may just help! Here are 4 of our favourite conversion rate optimisation tools in 2023.

best keyword research tools

The Best Keyword Research Tools in 2022

Keyword research tools. There are hundreds of options, but which are the best? Here are my personal favourites based on years of trying, using, dropping, changing and signing up for new ones!

Advice from Pros


Occupational Hazards in Remote Work

Working remotely is not free of occupational hazards. We take a look at some of the occupational hazards to be aware of when your employees work away from the office.

How to Become a Property Cash Buyer

In the world of real estate, cash buyers hold a significant advantage over those who rely on traditional financing methods. Being a property cash buyer allows you to navigate the market with ease, securing desirable properties quickly and with greater flexibility. In this article, we will explore the steps you need to take to become a property cash buyer and leverage this advantage.

reducing costs

Cutting Your Costs When You’re Self Employed – Top Tips

Self employment comes with a lot of perks! But the potential for variable income can be terrifying, particularly when we’re contending with the small matter of a seemingly insurmountable cost of living crisis. So with that in mind, we’ve pulled together some tips for cutting your costs as a freelancer.

Overheads and Indirect Costs in Construction Businesses

Going from self employed builder to owning a construction company brings with it a whole host of added responsibilities. Understanding costs and overheads is one really key thing in any business. We dsicuss that specifically for construction businesses.


Our Latest Statistics

ecommerce statistics

Ecommerce Statistics 2024 – The Numbers

We’re all shopping online, aren’t we? No actually. According to our ecommerce statistics for the UK in 2024, while most of us are shopping online, some aren’t. Find out more in our latest round up of online shopping statistics for 2024.

hybrid working

Hybrid Working – Statistics Show That’s What We Want

Work from home isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But neither is working from the office. And according to the latest statistics, hybrid working is the most popular option when it comes to location flexible working. Let’s dive into the facts from the latest report from Boundless.

Influencer marketing statistics

Influencer Marketing Statistics 2023 UK

Influencer marketing. Buzzword or a key channel for any business operating in the social media age? We take a look at some key influencer marketing statistics for 2023.

Startup Statistics UK 2022/2023

Is Britain really one of the best places in the world to start a business? And how many are started in a given year here?

We analysed the figures and have compiled a list of must know startup statistics for 2023.

Website Copy Tips for Businesss

How Confident Are Britain’s Business Owners?

How confident or Britain’s business owners? In the last few years, we’ve experience way too many “once-in-a-lifetime” events for my liking. But what impact is the economic and political uncertainty having on business owner confidence.

Remote working statistics 2021

Remote Working Statistics 2021

Remote working allows people to essentially work from anywhere, (not necessarily just from home). But just how prevalent is remote working in 2021? We’ve taken a look in our 2021 round up of UK remote working statistics.

Side hustle statistics banner

Side Hustle Statistics UK

The phenomenon of the “side hustle” — namely having a second source of income in addition to a full-time job, is on the rise in the public. Let’s crunch the numbers.

furlough statistics

Furlough Scheme Statistics 2020

The government’s new furlough scheme (officially named the “Job Retention Scheme”) has helped millions of employees around the UK to keep their jobs and continue

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