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Does your personal credit rating affect a business loan application? One of the questions we've been asked on multiple occasions is about the link between personal credit ratings and securing business finance. We're no finance experts... but we have managed...

credit history

Twoodle Co - Navigating and Thriving in a Pandemic Tim Rundle-Wood's businesses was inspired by a near tragic event that shone a light on a real problem with some existing reed diffusers and similar products. Lockdown 1.0 back in March...

Tim Rundle-Wood Twoodle Co 1

The pandemic has been hard on just about everyone. While many an industry has been impacted, Natalka Antoniuk argues that the business events industry in particular is not having its voice heard. And she believes there's absolutely nothing normal about...

It’s no big secret that sitting at a desk all day is bad for our health. Sitting for long periods of time is a potential health crisis in itself. Plenty of devices are now available to help alleviate the issue...

under desk treadmills

Electric car leasing has a huge number of benefits for company owners and directors. Aside from the fact that you're doing your bit to cut carbon emissions, there are also some incredibly sizeable tax benefits to be had as well....

electric car leasing
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