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No sick pay, holiday pay or compassionate leave? Keeping on top of your self assessment tax returns, private pension contributions and payroll all by yourself? Feeling like you can’t have any time off work out of fear of losing out?...

How to Combat Burnout When Running a Small Business

One of the most important and often one of the most stressful parts of becoming a freelancer is keeping on top of your finances. It can be really easy to put this off, but if you do, it could end...

What is the best accountancy software for freelancers?

The past 6 months have been extremely turbulent for many small businesses across the UK. The impact of the Coronavirus has been a huge threat for many businesses and support for small to medium enterprises is now more important than...

Rishi Sunak’s Winter Plan for small businesses

Whether you’re thinking of starting up your own business or trying to come up with a new idea for a current project or campaign, this guide will provide you with top tips and advice from successful business owners on how...

How to Come Up With Innovative Business Ideas

While freelancing affords millions of people a flexible lifestyle, it does come with its drawbacks. Amongst them is the financial difficulties that a sickness can present. So let's talk about sick pay, freelancers, what you can and can't claim. Can...

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