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Thanks for stopping by. We assume you’re here you cos you’d like to write for us. That’s great.

I’m Stacey ūüĎ謆 and there’s a few things I’d like you to be aware of before you do contact us:

  1. We are PR friendly. So what you won’t get from us is a snotty response to pitches. We really do want to hear genuinely interesting news and receive genuinely useful content
  2. We receive over 50 pitches a day. We can’t respond to them all and, as such, if we’re unable to go forward with yours, you probably won’t receive a reply. We’re not rude – just unable to reply to everything
  3. Please, please, please, please, pretty please¬†do read this page in full. It outlines what we’re looking to publish in more detail and saves you wasting our time, your time or your client’s time in pitching something that won’t work


What we accept

We accept guest editorial in the form of:

  • Opinion pieces from micro business owners
  • How tos, tutorials and advice pieces

Pitching Opinion Pieces

Everyone’s got an opinion and we can’t publish them all. What tends to go down well:

  • High profile people sharing opinion on something relevant to business owners
  • Opinion pieces where the opinion is in contrast to popular opinion

But we are open to hearing from you if you have an opinion you think our readers would want to hear.

When we accept opinion pieces, we are typically looking for:

  • Named authors. For us to publish an anonymous piece it would have to be pretty spectacular
  • 1000+ words
  • Completely unique and produced specifically for Micro Biz Mag

Pitching How To, Tutorial Content and Guides

Ok. Let’s be blunt for a minute here… we get a¬†lot¬†of really¬†cr*p¬†pitches in this category. Here are some examples of genuine guest post titles we’ve had pitched to us in the past:

  • The benefits of having an accountant
  • The history of billboard advertising
  • Why you need to use a recruitment consultancy

guest post business uk


Let me tell you what they all read like…. they read like sales pitches.

How to content should be practical, hands on content that guides a micro business owner or a freelancer through a process they will need to be able to navigate. Our readers should get to the end of that post feeling like they have something new in their arsenal – something they can do that they couldn’t do 10 minutes ago.

They shouldn’t get to the end of it feeling like they just wasted 10 minutes of their day reading some dodgy sales pitch that was only placed because someone wanted the link. And more on our linking policy later.

We have more respect for our readers’ time than to publish poor quality guest posts. So we really will only publish content from people who clearly value our readers’ time as much as we do.

A few things we’re looking for when it comes to pitching guest content:

  • Written by someone genuinely qualified to give the advice. Being a blogger working on behalf of an accountant doesn’t qualify you to give tax advice. Being the PR representing a Doctor doesn’t qualify you give medical advice. So if you are getting in touch on behalf of a client, please work with them both on the pitch and on the final piece
  • A unique idea. If you pitch something like “how to interview your first employee” then we need to know how your piece will be different to the thousands of others on this topic out there. “Copyscape passed” doesn’t count as unique. Non plagiarised should be a given.

So, let’s deal with a few FAQs…

Here are the things we’re most often asked.

Can I pay to publish editorial?

Nope. Absolutely not. A third of our enquiries open with people telling us they want to pay to have a client or themselves published here. We don’t receive payment for¬†any editorial we publish here.¬†Never.¬†

We are advertising standards compliant.

If you’re interested in advertising, you can contact us. Banner advertising, affiliate type arrangements and product reviews are all something we’ll discuss but please be clear –¬†advertising on this site is clearly marked as such¬†and all of our editorial is¬†editorial.¬†You can’t buy editorial on Micro Biz Mag.

What’s your linking policy?

I’ve always been a fan of the BBC linking policy… which is that sources are cited with links. So we do link out and we do so where editorially relevant. It’s pretty simple for us. No complications, no fancy tags, no ludicrous terms and conditions. If it makes sense to link, then we link.

Now, I’m in the SEO game myself. And I can spot a pitch for a link at 99 miles. We don’t publish content that is clearly thin and poor quality content placed just for the link.

But if we accept your pitch for editorial and it’s good enough to publish, then we’ll absolutely credit you.

Can I get a WordPress login so I can just login and post as I wish?

LOL. Nice try.

Will you post my infographic?

Probably not. Not unless it’s absolutely mind blowing and unlike anything we’ve seen before. And here’s why… if you already made and published the infographic somewhere else, why do we need to publish it?


We’re not a major news outlet who needs to make sure our readers are seeing the same news that’s everywhere else. So if we can’t add value over and above what’s been published elsewhere, then why would we bother?


99% of pitches we get with infographics fall into this category, someone who just wants us to rewrite something they already wrote on their own website.


Unless it’s massive-cannot-live-without-it news, then we’re unlikely to publish that.

Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much?

Yes, I get that a lot. And I appreciate this is a loooong page. But we’re hopeful that if everyone reads it, we can all save some time.

If you made it this far, then thank you. And if you’re still reading here then I’m prepared to tell you that my all time favourite movie is¬†Lion King¬†and if you reference that in your pitch, we’ll know you read right through and will very much appreciate it.

How do I pitch?

Complete the form below. Thanks!

Some of our Current Writers

Stacey MacNaught

Stacey MacNaught

Stacey is a content marketing and SEO specialist who runs her own small agency just outside Manchester. She also founded Micro Biz Mag to share her experiences of running a very small business and writes for a number of other publications. She speaks at marketing conferences globally.

Liz Gration

Liz Gration

Liz is a copywriter at MacNaught Digital working in a company of just 6 employees. She shares her experiences working in a micro business and advice on creating compelling digital copy that sells.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

Sarah is a freelance copywriter. She became freelance accidentally following a redundancy and considers the happiest accident of her career. She writes on all things freelance at Micro Biz Mag and shares tools, ideas and experiences from Sarah writes short stories and poetry as a hobby.

Hana Bednarova

Hana Bednarova

Hana Bednarova is a digital PR specialist. She transitioned from freelancer to small agency owner over 2019 and now runs Bednar Comms. She shares her experience and advice both around running a micro business and PR.