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We’re glad you stopped by. Interested in writing for us? Well, we often accept guest contributors at Micro Biz Mag and this page is designed to tell you what we’re looking for.

We most often seek external contributors to write:

  • Opinion pieces written in the first person by a freelancer or micro business owner with valuable experience our audience would be interested in
  • Advice, tips and how to pieces on topics ranging from recruitment to marketing written by experts in the field
We’re interested in contributors who’d like to write for us on a regular basis as much as one-off pieces.

Pitching a Regular Writer

We’re PR friendly, so we’re happy for you to get in touch with us on behalf of your clients but it would be important that any content produced from us is led by someone with experience and expertise of value to share.

If you want to pitch a client or yourself to write for us regularly, then please complete this form.

Pitching a One Off Advice or Opinion Piece

We like one off advice pieces to be:

  • Highly practical and actionable. Our readers should feel able to go off and implement some of what you’ve talked about almost immediately
  • Written by people with expertise and experience in the field about which they’re writing
  • 1000+ words with screenshots/supporting imagery to illustrate the points you’re making
  • Unique to us. The guest posts submitted to Micro Biz Mag should not be used on other websites
Opinion pieces are best when:
  • They’re about a topical issue facing micro business owners and freelancers
  • They range from 500 to 1,500 words
  • They are written by someone with experience and expertise that our audience of micro business owners and freelancers will value
  • Demonstrate or present an opinion that is in some way different to the opinions and positions most of us have or hear about a lot

Want to submit a one off  advice or opinion piece? Complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Please don’t send full pieces at this stage. We’ll aim to come back to you within 5 working days about the next steps for your guest submission if we’re able to accept it.

Please note that we only review pitches where all fields (bar the optional one at the end) have been completed.

Some of our Current Writers

Stacey MacNaught

Stacey MacNaught

Stacey is a content marketing and SEO specialist who runs her own small agency just outside Manchester. She also founded Micro Biz Mag to share her experiences of running a very small business and writes for a number of other publications. She also speaks at marketing conferences globally.

Liz Gration

Liz Gration

Liz is a copywriter at MacNaught Digital working in a company of just 6 employees. She shares her experiences working in a micro business and advice on creating compelling digital copy that sells.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

Sarah is a freelance copywriter. She became freelance accidentally following a redundancy and considers the happiest accident of her career. She writes on all things freelance at Micro Biz Mag and shares tools, ideas and experiences from Sarah writes short stories and poetry as a hobby.

Hana Bednarova

Hana Bednarova

Hana Bednarova is a digital PR specialist. She transitioned from freelancer to small agency owner over 2019 and now runs Bednar Comms. She shares her experience and advice both around running a micro business and PR.