“Work by the Pool,” Day, Anyone?

4 weeks ago

One of the biggest advantages of being self employed is, in my view, the ability to work from wherever I fancy (most days, at least). Now, granted, I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old so “wherever I fancy” might be a little bit optimistic. But you get my point.

Fashion brand, Missy Empire, recently surveyed 1,000 women aged 18 to 34 to ask about what sort of National Awareness Day they’d like to see added to the calendar. Amongst the favourites were:

  • National Bottomless Brunch Day
  • National Work by the Pool Day
  • National Too Hot to Work Day
  • National Duvet
Here are some of the rest:
national awareness days


What I found interesting about this, in a survey we can reasonably assume was largely taken by people who are employed (an educated guess given there are more employees than self employed people) is how many of these things freelancers can generally already do.

Freelancers – More Fortunate than We Realise?

So we probably can’t make bottomless brunch a feature of our days all too regularly. But those of who can do our work from anywhere could work by the pool (if we were somewhere warm enough), could work by the beach (again subject to weather) and would very much be able to take advantage of getting out of the city.


Duvet days? If I’ve been under the weather I’ve been known to take my laptop and my sniffles to the sofa with a big duvet to get my work done in the comfort of my own pyjamas and self pity. I forget how lucky I am to have that flexibility until you see surveys like this highlighting what a novelty it is for so many.

Side Note: DO Get out of the City

I took an office well out of the city and it has been such a good move for me. 

But when I’m working remote I find some of the best places I work from in terms of my own productivity are quieter more remote locations. If we take our children away to a forest for a couple of days, I’ll often work by a big window or outside of the weather allows it. 

Maybe it’s just me, but I find being completely surrounded by trees, wildlife and not being able to hear a single car does wonders for getting my to do list tackled.

Make the Most of Freelancing FREEDOM

So reading this Missy Empire piece left me with 2 emotions:

  1. I am seriously lucky as a someone running a micro business to have an office but also the freedom and flexibility to work wherever I want
  2. Please don’t ever let there be a National Love Island Day.


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