small business saturday statistics 2019

Small Business Saturday Statistics 2019

This Saturday will be the 7th year Small Business Saturday has been celebrated here in the UK. But what exactly is Small Business Saturday? And who gets involved? 


On the first Saturday of December every year, the Small Business Saturday campaign is celebrated with activities that take place across the whole of the UK. The idea for this not-for-profit campaign came from the financial services company American Express, who wanted to encourage more people to shop with small businesses. 

How many businesses take part? 


All 5.7 million small businesses in the UK are encouraged to take part in Small Business Saturday in any way they wish. Participation in the campaign has grown significantly over the last few years, which has had a really positive effect on the number of people choosing to shop small. Last year, for example, a total of £812 million was spent on small businesses in the UK – that’s an 8% increase from the previous year! 


Small Business Saturday has also shown its popularity online, with over 1.6 million Instagram posts being shared with the hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday from small business owners and shoppers across the UK. The campaign isn’t only popular on social media though, as the search term ‘Small Business Saturday’ was searched for 19,580 times last year on Google, as well as a staggering 19,800 times throughout 2017. 

small business saturday google trends

How can I take part in Small Business Saturday?  


There are all kinds of ways that small businesses can get involved in Small Business Saturday, whether you promote offers around the time of the campaign or host events to celebrate the cause. You could also use social media to get involved by sharing your plans with them via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to receive a shoutout to promote your business. 


Another fantastic way to promote your business through Small Business Saturday is by visiting them during their annual Bus Tour of the UK. During this Bus Tour they stop off to visit, network, mentor and support small businesses all over the country. 



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