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Self Dubbed “Senior-preneur” Launches Web Learning Platform

It’s a fair assessment, I think, to say that there’s never a perfect time to launch a new business. But, arguably, the middle of a pandemic when people might be likelier to expect you to retire than launch a new venture is probably a more unusual time than we see.

But that’s exactly what self dubbed “Senior-Preneur” Alan Jones has done, with the launch of his new web learning platform, Dragonista.

Dragonista is an integrated web platform designed to allow its members secure access to live lessons/lectures. It can allow up to 1000 students to “attend” simultaneously from any country.  Students are also able to interact with the teacher or lecturer and pre-recorded lessons can be viewed 24 hours a day.

Alan’s journey to launching the platform stems has been many years in the making and his inspiration stems all the way back to his childhood. As a student he struggled with learning so he supplemented his own education with private lessons and courses. Consequently, he achieved a successful career in international banking.

His eldest son, who is now 28, also struggled with school as a teenager and was diagnosed with ADHD.

Alan felt that the secondary school system wasn’t sympathetic to his son’s condition and he decided to take matters into his own hands and manage his son’s education.  He took a course on life coaching children and adults with High Level Autism spectrum.  As a result, his son completed school.

Alan’s career relocated the family to the Middle East (in an international banking role) where they stayed for a number of years. During this time, Alan noticed the distinct shortage of quality schools experienced by Ex-Pats.  This meant that Ex-Pat children were being sent back to the UK for their education.  Alan decided to figure out a way of using technology to provide access to education and thus to keep families together. 

What does Dragonista do?

This cross platform web app works on desktop devices, tablets and mobiles and its features include:

Students can come from all walks of life and beyond the classroom, from hospital patients to participants on prison reform programmes.  Teachers and lecturers can create virtual live classes with up to 1000 students or they can record lessons.  By using screen sharing and editing tools, teachers can effectively engage students and make lessons more interesting and fun.  Students can ask questions directly to their teacher by just raising a virtual hand during live lessons. Dragonista is also a suitable platform for private 1:1 lessons as well as corporate or government training programmes, workshops and conferences.

Dragonista also has some pretty cool functions including:

  • Automated notifications and diaries to both tutors and students. Messages will be automatically sent to the student and teacher when a lesson is about to begin. These messages will be linked to diaries and schedules.
  • Students can access other students and teachers globally.  One of the main advantages will be that a student can ask a question about a topic and within a short time an answer should be provided from a peer, teacher etc. from another global location.
  • British designed and ownership complying with British educational standards.
  • Exams and tests can be held online, and multiple-choice exams will provide immediate scores. A recording of an exam producing a video, will provide the exam invigilator an additional review of any breaking of exam rules.
  • Video storage – Is included within the cost and is stored up to 5 years while subscribing.
  • Course scoring will be carried out via an algorithm linked to student answers to questions, that will rate and will create a league table of subjects, teachers and educational entity.
  • Optional E-commerce service for fees, subscriptions and rebates to teachers and clients with a dashboard showing income generated.

Find Out More

You can find out more about Dragonista by visiting the Facebook page.

Good luck, Alan, in your new venture!


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