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The Most Common Human Errors in Business

2 weeks ago

Humans are not perfect. And we all make mistakes sometimes. But human error in a business can be costly. This is particularly the case for freelancers and micro businesses, where an error might set you back a whole day or even more.


But what can you do about it? Well, half the battle in preventing such errors is knowing in advance what they’re likely to be. Cloud Geeni recently compiled a list of the mistakes human are most likely to make in your business:

common human errors in business

Here’s what the common errors are and what you might be able to do to prevent them.

Exposing Data When Working on the Go

Loads of us work on the train or in coffee shops. But an open laptop screen might inadvertently reveal confidential data or information about your work or your clients.


There’s a way around it. Privacy screen filters like the one below limit the angles from which people can see the screen.


But even just being aware of who is within viewing distance of your screen can help ensure you don’t slip up here.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing emails are getting increasingly sophisticated and it’s easy to fall victim.

There’s a great guide from the National Cyber Security Centre on guarding yourself from such attacks at https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/collection/small-business-guide/avoiding-phishing-attacks

Handling Personal Data

Leaving a confidential document on a desk in a co-working space, binning something instead of shredding it… both things you could very easily do without realising it.

So what can you do about it?

Mark confidential data as such as soon as your print it or receive it. A confidential stamp or even a simple mark that only you know the meaning of can help trigger you visually to take precautions with those documents. 

Make sure you have a shredder accessible wherever you handle personal or confidential documentation.

Accidentally Sending Emails to Multiple Customers without BCC

It’s very easy to inadvertently reveal confidential customer email addresses by copying multiple people into a single email without using BCC.

Take care and caution when emailing multiple people.

Email providers like Gmail have a function that allows you to “unsend” emails for a period after you’ve sent them. It does this by having a delay between you hitting send and the email actually going out. Even if this is just a minute, it could save you accidentally sending out something you shouldn’t.


For email in general, whether to single people or longer lists of email addresses, this can be excellent practice to ensure you don’t absentmindedly send something you don’t want to send with a simple lapse of concentration.


We can’t be perfect…

But we can make simple changes to help minimise the risk of these common human errors that can cause us real problems in our business.


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