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It’s OK not to Want to “Grow” Your Business

4 months ago

Adam runs a small independent retail business in Birmingham. He has no designs on growing his business beyond where it is today and here he tells us why.

My business came about sort of by accident. I was creating and selling items on eBay while studying and then I turned it into a website and started doing trade fairs. Before I knew it, I was busy. Too busy to study and I dropped out of University and made two hires. One was my girlfriend who was an amazing support to me.

Fast forward 7 years and there is me and 4 employees. We’ve been the same size for the past 3 years.

Last year, I was approached by someone who wanted to invest in the business to “help me grow it.”

“I don’t want to grow it,” I told him honestly.

He scoffed and asked me what I was planning to do with the business then? Like anything other than aggressively pursuing growth isn’t a legitimate reason to be in business.

I don’t want to grow. I don’t want to run a retail conglomerate employing hundreds of thousands of people. I don’t want to be a CEO and spend half of my life doing the administrative elements of business running.

I like creating things.

I value the balance that my business gives me. At first, I valued the flexibility to work at home. I now have a small warehouse unit and I valued being able to work at home.

Last year I became a Father and I place a massive value on being able to work for 30 hours a week, close to home and be at home with my baby every evening not exhausted, not stressed out and not glued to my email worried I’m missing something important.

Mine is the epitome of a lifestyle business. It has allowed my now wife and I to buy a house and have pleasant holidays. And that’s enough.

I’m not in this for “growth.” I’m in it to help me build a better life for myself. I don’t want to find myself running a business until the . point of burnout or tuning my role into something I don’t love.

It’s ok to not want to grow your business. And it’s acceptable to run a business just for your own lifestyle and comfort.

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