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How to Stay Motivated as a Freelancer

If, like me, you are a freelancer then congratulations. To earn a living of your own volition this way suggests that you have strong self-discipline and enjoy the creative aspect of working for yourself.

This opportunity of working for yourself also provides a stream of benefits such as being your own boss, working from home, flexible working, structure and routine that suits you, manage work/life balance more effectively and so forth. However, with great power comes great responsibility and it is essential that you adopt a firm approach to managing your time as a freelancer.

Managing your day to day work can be difficult but once mastered it can keep your day to day business ticking over nicely. However, maintaining motivation high enough to manage these workings is topmost priority, and the knock on effects can be detrimental to business if these levels of motivation drop off.

Having downtime is different, but losing motivation can be catastrophic. Knowing what works for you as a freelancer is imperative to maintain your motivation, as well as your own health and wellbeing.

As a freelancer, this can be the best job in the world, but in turn comes with its own pressure to stay motivated, keep earning money and continue to be inspired. Having a few ‘go to’ solutions to boost your motivation levels is the key to becoming a successful freelancer.

Know your Most Productive Working Times

We all have our best times of the day to be creative and motivated, whether its early hours of the morning when the world is asleep and your free to work, or you may well be a night owl with a nice hot drink to get the creative juices flowing.

Either way knowing the times that are most efficient for you is crucial, that is the beauty of freelancing, you can set your own working hours. Nobody said freelancing is a 9-5 working week, recognising the times when you are at your most creative will boost your motivation no end.

Being aware of your strengths will work in your favour as a freelancer, this very much includes knowing the times where you are at your best.

Setting the scene

The art of freelancing allows you to create your own workspace. There is nothing more uplifting and motivating that working in an environment that is all yours, full of your inspirations, your likes, interests and full to the brim with your own home comforts. 

Setting the scene for freelancing at home is imperative. Creating an opportunity to get creative is important, but once you get this right all you need to do is enter your finely tuned environment and get to work.

As mentioned earlier, you may be a night owl or an early bird, which lends itself to how you get yourself set up and motivated. Having the necessary equipment to hand when you first wake up, including your coffee station will be important to make use of those early morning hours. Being a night owl relies on the right lighting and atmosphere to work while everyone else is asleep.

You may find you feel more motivated when your around others, in which case set your scene in a shared office or coffee shop to soak up the atmosphere. Quite simply put, whatever environments inspire you, go there, you’re a freelancer, your free to be where you need to be.

Structure and Schedule

As a freelancer you are the boss, sometimes this can be quite overwhelming especially if there is no set routine, structure or patterns to your working. This can debilitate your creativity and motivation when you are not entirely sure when or where you next block of work is coming from.

Being on your own allows you to create the best structure and schedule to suit you and your best abilities. Experimenting with different routines and schedules until you find the one that fits you will find your line of best fit. There is not one size that suits all, get enough sleep, get enough water and exercise before weaving in the best hours of work that keep you motivated and making money.

Your focus has its own natural rhythm, which means you are not expected to be focussed all day every day, that is simply unrealistic. Use your rhythm and enjoy working during the hours when your focus and motivation is bubbling away. During the times when these have depleted do something that soothes your health and wellbeing, i.e. go to bed, eat, drink, relax, exercise and so forth.

Beat the system, there is no 9 to 5, we work when we are at our best and if we are not at our best we have a break. Dieticians would advise people to take many small, light meals rather than the standard three full meals to curb their cravings for unhealthy snacks, this gives a perfect opportunity to take regular, small and light breaks from our workstations naturally creating our own working schedule.


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