How To Motivate Your Employees

Keeping your employees motivated is key to their overall job satisfaction, life happiness and therefore your employee retention. So let’s look at some practical tips for doing just that.

This article will give you some pieces of advice and different ways you can increase employee productivity and motivate your employees. Whether a business is big or small, having a multitude of ways to motivate the workforce allows a stronger sense of productivity further down the line. It can come in the form of rewards or showing respect to everyone, amongst many others.

Motivate Your Employees: The Quick Version

Here’s a quick rundown on some of the key points we will be mentioning throughout this article:

  • The different non-financial rewards to use.


  • The ways you can motivate inside the office.


  • How to use positive human traits to increase productivity.

Non-Financial Ways To Motivate Your Employees

There are a variety of different ways in which you can reward your workers in a way where money isn’t the incentive. To start with, offering flexible working hours could help your employees, depending on if this is possible for your business. Many people over the course of 2020 and the start of 2021 have been able to work from home and thousands of people enjoy this. According to the University of Manchester, a survey showed that nearly 8 out of 10 people would prefer to work in the office for two days or less a week. Business owners can use this to their advantage by starting to offer flexible hours when things start to get back to normal with less restrictions on office rules.

Another non-financial way is to offer your workers extra leave. Whether this is a longer lunch break or leaving an hour early every Friday. This shows that you’re rewarding the employees for their hard work which in turn will motivate and increase their productivity without directly handing them money.

You could even offer your workers a free gym membership. This isn’t directly giving them money, but it shows that you’re willing to give them things for free to save them money. This will most likely create more happiness and motivation throughout the workforce. It also increases the chance that people may start to become healthier which again would most likely increase productivity.

Even recognising your workers in a blog or across social media could help bring some more motivation in as they will see that you’re recognising the work they’ve been putting into the company. Employees enjoy being recognised for what they do because it shows you trust them and have a strong understanding that they’ll get the work done no matter what.

Motivate Your Employees Inside The Office

This may be slightly similar to the non-financial advice mentioned above, however, there is a slight difference. One way to motivate the workers physically inside the office is to have one-to-one meetings. Having these meetings once every two weeks or per month means you will get to know your workers and find out their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this, you could then come up with ideas together in order to workout how to strengthen the weaknesses for example.

Another example could be to give the employees an hour a day (or whatever works for the business) to work on their own projects. Many people have their own passions and the only time they manage to work on these projects is in the evenings or weekends. Having a bit of time in the office to work on these passion projects shows them that you care about them as individuals and creates a sense of happiness between the employees and further motivates them. 

This may seem like a silly example, but offering food can also work. A lot of people are more productive if they have eaten. Keeping your employees physical needs at the front of your mind means the workforce will respect you more which pushes productivity forward. Having a kitchen with snacks and fruit means whenever they are feeling a bit of hunger coming on, they can satisfy that need and return to their desk ready to work.

How To Increase Employee Productivity Using Respect

Everyone knows that being kind and respectful to people increases the chance that they will return that favour. Treating your employees with respect means that you’re showing that you care for them as a person rather than just someone who makes you money. Once the workers realise this, it’ll most likely make them happier which will show in the work they do. 

Communicating is also extremely important in the workplace, it shows the workers that you trust them enough to speak to them and keep them in the loop of the business. This doesn’t mean sharing every single thing with them about the business, but for example, if you want to have a business meeting to come up with ideas for a client, including other members of the team could increase productivity as they will feel like they are part of the team and ready to get involved. This obviously may not work every time as you can’t constantly share certain things, but it’s definitely something to be aware about.

All in all, finding different ways to increase motivation and productivity is key for creating an environment that the employees will enjoy coming into every day. Creating a sense of happiness and respect in the office gives the workforce a reason to be productive in the work that they do.


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