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Domain Renewal Statistics – What Gets Dropped?

True story:

Me in 2019: “Next year, I’ll stop registering domains unless I KNOW for a fact I’m going to do something with them immediately.”

Me on 2nd January: “Oh shiny! I’ll take that domain please.”

— Stacey MacNaught (@staceycav) January 2, 2020

I register a lot of domains – sometimes with a plan, sometimes just because I like the look of something. 


Most get kept. Some are sold. Some get dropped (though I have a personal issue with allowing domains to drop that I should probably deal with).


I’m certainly not the only one with a domain hoarding habit and mine is pretty tame compared to that of others.


But as I registered my first new domain of 2020, I did get to wondering about the statistics relating to renewals and dropped domains.

Domain Renewal Statistics released a study in December 2019 on this very topic.

They found:

  • We keep just 30% of the domains we register
  • 41% of domains are simply left to expire
  • 29% are registered by other users

So the overwhelming majority of domains you register this year (unless you have the same digital hoarding problem I do) will end up expiring or in someone else’s hands.


With data provided by Whois XML API, then carried out research into renewal rates by TLD based on a sizeable sample as follows:

TLD Sample Size
.COM 796,501
.NET 84,153
.TOP 53,691
.ORG 35,844
.INFO 17,655
.CN 7,111
.XYZ 3,840
.BIZ 1,205

They found:

  • The lowest renewal rates were for .cn TLDs, of which just 1.72% are renewed
  • At the other end of the scale, 44.24% of .net domains are renewed, making .net the most renewed TLD
TLD Renewal Rate
.net 46.31%
.org 44.24%
.info 34.56%
.com 28.09%
.xyz 24.84%
.top 22.22%
.biz 16.60%
.cn 1.72%

What happens to those domains once the registrant decides not to renew also varies from TLD to TLD.

In all, this data set analysed 1,000,000 domains across the 8 TLDs, meaning over 702,000 of these where not renewed.

Here’s a summary of all their findings:

domain renewal statistics by TLD

 My Own Stats

I took a little look at my own stats for domains that came up for renewal for me last year.

It’s a much smaller pool. But it seems I have a problem because of 32 domains that came up for renewal for me last year across a range of TLDs, I renewed 30. 

Must learn not to hoard domains…


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