18 Fantastic Coworking Spaces in Manchester

2 months ago

Being self employed means you can work from anywhere. But some of us (I’m pointing at myself, if I’m honest) don’t work well from home. My own micro business has offices in the sleepy Saddleworth village of Greenfield. That’s mostly because I cannot be trusted to work from home without downing tools to wash the pots, tidy toys or do something else that may be useful but won’t pay the bills.

When I first went freelance, I tested a couple of co-working options but also did tonnes and tonnes of research into co-working spaces in Manchester and the surrounding areas. I’ve done some more research contacted some providers and in this guide, I’ll cover 18 of the best co-working spaces in Manchester along with information about costs, flexibility of the terms, transport and facilities.

Manchester Coworking Options

Here’s the summary of 18 of Greater Manchester’s best coworking spaces and the key information.

NameLocationPricingTransport Links
WeWorkSpinningfields, Manchester City CentreFrom £250/monthExcellent
The AssemblyAncoats, Manchester City CentreFrom £180/monthExcellent
Old Granada StudiosManchester City CentreFrom £100/monthExcellent
WorkplaceManchester City CentreFrom £180/monthExcellent
Accelerate PlacesManchester City CentreFrom £295/monthExcellent
Headspace ManchesterManchester City CentreFrom £199/monthExcellent
Beehive LoftsAncoats, Manchester City CentreFrom £275/monthExcellent
SpaceportXManchester City CentreFrom £150/monthExcellent
ColonyManchester City CentreFrom £250/monthExcellent
ZiferblatManchester City CentreFrom £149/monthExcellent
Use.SpaceArdwick, ManchesterFrom £99/monthGood
The LandingMedia City, SalfordFrom £200/monthExcellent
ProfolkStockport, Greater ManchesterFrom £175/monthExcellent
Openspace Co-OperativeHulme, ManchesterFrom £115.50/monthGood
Hack OldhamOldham, Greater ManchesterFromGood
Ashton Old BathsAshton Under Lyne, Greater ManchesterFrom £99/monthGood
LofthouseStretford, ManchesterFrom £140/monthGood
Withington WorksWithington, ManchesterFrom £135/monthGood

WeWork – Spinningfields, Manchester City Centre

wework manchester hotdesking space
Hotdesking Space

Arguably one of the best known co-working spaces, WeWork offers so much more than just a desk. Something of a social hub for creatives and freelancers, No1 Spinningfields is now just one of a handful of WeWork CoWorking spaces in Manchester. 

Memberships are available from £250/month for desk space and facilities include:

  • Inclusive refreshments (coffee, tea and fruit infused water)
  • A wellness room for meditation, relaxation etc
  • Regular events taking place
  • Social, breakout and relaxation spaces
  • Bike storage

Spinningfields is incredibly well located. You can walk to 4 train stations, plenty of Metrolink Stations and bus stops too. So public transport is not an issue. But parking in the city centre can be a right pain in the backside, frankly.

Find out more.


The Assembly, Ancoats

Assembly manchester coworking

Personally, I love Ancoats. It’s vibrant with new bars and restaurants opening constantly. And it’s a little easier to park that way too.


The Assembly’s coworking offering includes a dedicated desk (no hopping from one to the other which some find frustrating in this type of environment). Facilities include:

  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • Access to kitchen facilities
  • Breakout areas
  • Meeting room access
  • Free sweets
The Assembly is also dog friendly – I’ve not seen much in terms of dog friendly coworking space around Manchester so for the freelancers with pooches they don’t want to leave alone all day, this is a great solution.

There’s also 24/7 access to Assembly for its members, so you’re not restricted to the standard working week if you’re someone like me who tends to work hours outside of it.


Find out more.

Old Granada Studios (OGS)

old granada studios coworking space manchester

For the Coronation Street fans amongst us (don’t judge me) Granada Studios is better known for Vera Duckworth than coworking space. And those of us who were children when Granada Studios offered a tourist attraction (Studio tours with rides and all sorts of fun) have fond memories.


But Corrie has long since migrated to newer and fancier studios in Media City (Salford Quays) and Old Granada Studios is now office and events space.

OGS has coworking membership options from £100 per month (plus VAT).

That £100 per month would be for what they call “hot desking” membership. Essentially, you get access from 9am to 6pm during the working week, 3 hours of use each month of meeting room, unlimited wifi and printing credits.


Double your spend to £200 per month and you get “resident access.” The main upgrades here are that you have 24/7 access, which is really vital for some. You also get a permanent desk instead of hopping onto any available desk and you get 10 hours of meeting room access each month.


Location wise, you can walk to a host of tram stops, a few train stations and have quick access to some of the busiest bus routes. Drivers? Maybe try and leave the car. Parking in the city centre is nightmarish, traffic is, frankly, dire and a parking spot can be extortionate.

Find out more.

Workplace, City Centre

Take a tour:

Describing itself as “hospitality inspired,” Workplace really does look the part. The imagery is beautiful and if your surroundings make a difference to how you work, this could be the one for you.


Rates start at £180 per month but you can also buy individual day passes for £25 each (or a bundle of 10 for £200).


Located on Oxford Street in Manchester, it’s a stone’s throw from St Peter’s Square, within walking distance of Oxford Road Train Station and you can also easily get to both Victoria and Piccadilly from here too. So the public transport links are fantastic. But I give my usual “driving in Manchester City Centre” warning. Traffic is also. It’s all too frequently roadworks Hell for my liking, and parking is overpriced and limited. So my personal view would be that city centre coworking spaces are much better accessed by public transport.

Find out more.

Accelerate Places

headspace manchester coworking

Amongst the higher priced of the offerings in the shared workspace, Accelerate Places offers membership at £295/month. But it’s in a cracking location.

Facilities and features include:

  • No deposit required
  • Complementary access to meeting rooms and photo booths
  • A range of “perks” for members in the form if discounts in local venues and from local service providers
The location is fantastic and within walking distance of three or four train stations and Metrolink stations.

City centre car parking warning applies!

Find out more.

Headspace Manchester

headspace manchester

Well located, close to Albert Square in Manchester, Headspace has no shortage of amenities on its doorstep.

Membership will set you back just under £200 a month but you can also book by the hour (£5/hour) without membership. 

Membership doesn’t include meeting room bookings, but does include a phone number which you can redirect to your own mobile number. This is really handy for freelancers who perhaps don’t want to give clients their personal numbers.

Find out more.

Beehive Lofts, Ancoats

beehive lofts manchester coworking

Another Ancoats option (parking is often easier to find up that end of the city too than in other parts). Beehive loft is an incredibly cool looking coworking space at £275/month.

Memberships start at £275 per month if you commit to 6 (prices rise if you commit to 3 or want to go month to month). But access for members is 24/7 including weekends and public holidays too. I think this is really important.

You have the choice of keeping a desk for the whole time you are there or moving desks month to month if you want to try different locations or just mix it up.

Other features include:

  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • Unlimited fruit water
  • Access to sound proof telephone booths for conducting private calls
  • Inclusive meeting rooms you can book
  • Super fast Wifi
  • Printing

Find out more.


Take a tour:

Based in the Northern Quarter in Manchester’s City Centre, SpaceportX is really well located for both Piccadilly and Victoria Train station, plus Shudehill, Market Street, Exchange Square and Victoria Metrolink Stations.

For £150/month you can haver Monday to Friday 9 to 5 access with inclusive Internet access and access to the rooftop garden.

However, for a permanent desk plus free use of meeting rooms in addition to this and 24/7 access, you’ll need a Resident Membership at £240 per desk per month.

Find out more.

Colony, Piccadilly

colony piccadilly manchester

Colony has a number of coworking spaces in Manchester City Centre but one definitely worth checking out is at Piccadilly.

Located in Piccadilly Place, you can walk to Manchester’s Piccadilly train station in a couple of minutes. Equally, Piccadilly Gardens Metrolink station is accessible in little over 5 minutes.

Beautifully laid out, it’s a popular option for creatives.

Find out more.

Ziferblat, Northern Quarter

ziferblat coworking manchester

This is a slightly different offering in that it built a reputation more as a “pay per minute” coffee shop than a co-working space.  All the refreshments are included.

You can still pay per minute there but the £149 monthly co-working space option is cracking value. 

Paying per minute is 8p per minute, to the £149 would be the equivalent of around 31 hours, so if you’re likely to use the space for more than 7.5 hours a week it’s well worth it.

Such a cool concept and a really quirky looking place too.

Opening hours at 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday and then 9am to 10pm on the weekends.

Find out more.

Use Space, Ardwick

use space coworking ardwick

The first space we’ve covered outside of the city centre, Use. Space is based in Ardwick, not a million miles from the city. It’ll take you around 20 minutes to walk to Piccadilly Gardens (to give you an idea as to how close it is) or you can get there in around 10 minutes on the bus.

You can book by the day (£25 per day) or half day (£15) or get a membership.

A £99 monthly “Cameo” membership will get you 40 hours of access. £199 per month “Nomad” gets you unlimited access, while the £295 “Resident” gets you unlimited access plus a dedicated desk and lockable drawers.

This gives you some real cost effective and flexible options.

It’s also dog friendly so don’t worry about leaving your furry friend at home alone.

Find out more.

The Landing Media City

media city co working

Media City, Salford, is fantastic. Close to Manchester City Centre, it’s a buzzing and vibrant space for tech and creative businesses. With ITV and BBC (amongst others) having a large presence here, it has attracted a lot of talent in recent years. And of course, there’s shared working space here too in the form of The Landing.

With 53,000 square feet across 5 floors, it’s amongst the biggest of Greater Manchester’s shared working space offerings.

Memberships start at £200 a month and Media City has excellent transport links.

Find out more.

Profolk, Stockport

Stockport is on the mainline connecting London to Manchester. You can get from Stockport to Manchester in less than 10 minutes on the train, so despite the fact the Metrolink doesn’t serve Stockport, transport is no issue. There are loads of buses too.

But one of the reasons Stockport might appeal over and above the City Centre is that parking is far less of a problem and is generally less costly than it is in the city centre.

Profolk occupies an old bank building.

£175 gets you a membership, but for just £200 a month you can also have a. dedicated desk and locker.

Where Profolk really stands out though is in the value of its day passes. You can £12.50 (plus VAT) per day for hot desking which is incredible value and one of the most affordable co working options we’ve seen when researching Greater Manchester’s offering.

Find out more.

Openspace Co-Operative, Hulme

openspace co op hulme

Hulme is minutes from Manchester City Centre and the Openspace Co-Operative is a really affordable co working option. A deposit of just over £160 is required, but monthly fees start at just £115.50 per month.

You can also pay by the . day for just over £17, but a deposit will be required too.

Bonus – OpenSpace has a great outdoor space in the form of a garden and playground. Yes, playground.

Find out more.

Hack Oldham

hack oldham shared office space

A little further outside the city, Hack Oldham is in Oldham Town Centre. 

There’s no longer a. train station in the town of Oldham, but you can get a tram from the town Centre to Manchester Victoria in around half hour. Parking is also readily available and affordable, so for freelancers living in the town or North/East of Manchester, this is a solid option.

Find out more.

Ashton Old Baths

ashton old baths co working

To the East of Manchester City Centre, Ashton is on the Metrolink line and you can get into the centre easily. 

Ashton Old Baths is a really beautiful building conversion and amongst the greatest of the spaces covered here in terms of the quality of the renovation.

With memberships from. £99, this is very affordable, with high speed Internet, break out spaces and genuinely lovely surroundings all part and parcel.

Find out more.

Lofthouse Creatives, Stretford

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Drop us a line if you want to work at one of our stunning, hand made desks at hello@lofthousecreatives.co.uk

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For £140 per month (plus a deposit) you can get membership to a really quirky and creative co working space in Stretford, which has good transport links to Manchester City Centre.

And it also includes free car parking!! For those who drive from areas where transport links are perhaps not that great, this is a hugely valuable offering. You won’t get inclusive parking with many a co-working space in the City Centre.

Find out more.

Withington Works

withington works co working

Another coworking space outside of Manchester City Centre, Withington Works again has good access to the City Centre.
Unlimited access starts at £135/month (£180 for a permanent desk). But there are also lower cost flexible memberships for those who might use the space less. You can have a day per week, for example, for £45 a month (great value). For £90 per month you can use the space for 3 days per weeks. In other words, the most you’re paying per day then is £7.50.
So in terms of value and membership flexibility, Withington Works is very hard to. beat!

Find out more.

Your Favourites?

Think we’re missing an absolute belter of a space? Get in touch and let us know. And if you’re not sure co-working space is quite the right solution for you, here are some alternatives.

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