Business is Booming in Scotland

1 year ago

It’s hard to turn on the telly these days without some doom and gloom report about Brexit or some High Street Retailer going down the pan. So we’re always pleased to share a bit of good news and today’s comes courtesy of Scottish Government figures.

Figures from the Scottish government reveal that the number of businesses in Scotland has hit of 365,550 – a record! That’s according to numbers for the year ending March 2019. It represents and increase of 9,755 businesses against the same figure 12 months prior (some 2.8%).

The growth is being attributed in significant part to a rise in businesses referred to as “unregistered.” These are businesses that are neither PAYE registered nor VAT registered, so very much in that micro business category in many cases.

Stacey MacNaught
Stacey MacNaught
Stacey is an SEO and content marketing specialist by day. She's the founder of MacNaught Digital, which owns Micro Biz Mag, and has been writing copy for over a decade. She lives in Oldham with her husband and two sons.

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