Adzooma Give Free Access to Advertising Platform During COVID-19

2 months ago

With the current lack of certainty for small businesses at the moment, it’s unlikely that you’ll be dipping into your advertising budget any time soon. For many companies, any unnecessary costs right now are a huge no-no. That’s where Adzooma have stepped in to provide a helping hand to businesses across the UK. 

What are they offering?

The online advertising service Adzooma have decided to grant users (both new and existing) free access to their online platform. Users will have free access to all of the services’ features until at least 1st June 2020, according to a statement from Adzooma’s founders. 

What is Adzooma?

Adzooma is an online advertising platform that enables users to track, optimise and analyse online advertisements and increase the profitability of their digital marketing campaigns. The platform has a wide range of features that are all included in the free account that’s available during the Coronavirus lockdown. 

Who is the offer intended for?

Anyone! All new customers will be able to sign up and get their own account free of charge. Current customers will also benefit from the offer, as their payments will be frozen for a period of 2 months. 

What does it normally cost?

There are a variety of types of accounts you can choose from when looking into Adzooma’s usual paid options. These range from £99 a month to £799 a month for full access to all features (which you can currently get for free during the COVID-19 lockdown!). 

So what’s the catch?

Well, as skeptical as we usually are with these kinds of offers, you don’t really have anything to lose here. Adzooma are not asking for any credit card details, nor will you need to upgrade your account, as you can add as many ad accounts and users as you wish at no cost whatsoever. You’ll also have full access to the entire range of features, meaning that you won’t need to buy any ad-ons while using the platform. 

I guess the only risk is enjoying it so much that you want to sign up for an account after the free Coronavirus offer has ended! 

How do I sign up?

To sign up to the deal, simply create an account on their website and get started! 

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