Should You Advertise Your Business On YouTube?

YouTube is one of the biggest websites in the world. Billions of hours of videos are watched on YouTube every single day. It’s clear why it can be a key place for businesses to advertise. Video content is extremely important for people these days. A large portion of the worldwide population digests content across the website, in a range of genres and subgenres. Many even get their news from Youtube.

Hopefully this article will give you a clearer understanding about what YouTube ads are and how YouTube marketing can positively impact your business.

What Is YouTube Advertising?

Youtube advertising takes place using Google Ads. This way of advertising means that your advert will show up across Youtube, whether that’s on actual videos or on top of search results. Advertising on YouTube is a more modern way to show your business to the world. In the past, the main way to advertise your business visually was on TV or print. With YouTube, it means you can reach certain audiences and demographics which you may not get if it’s just on TV.

Types Of YouTube Ads

Many people argue that there are only three types of YouTube ads, while many argue there are multiple others. There are in fact SIX different types of YouTube ads.

Let’s find out what they are!

1. TrueView Ads

These ads are arguably the most common and popular on YouTube. TrueView ads give the viewer more control over whether they watch or not. These types of ads can be anywhere from 12 seconds long to 6 minutes long.

However, you will only pay for the advert if a minimum of 30 seconds is watched (or the entire video depending if it’s shorter than 30 seconds), or if the advert is interacted with in some way.

Also, because the viewer can skip the advert if they want to, or stay, it means as a business, you will save money and only spend money on viewers that are clearly intrigued by your business.

Technically, there are two types of TrueView ads: TrueView In-stream Ads and TrueView Discovery Ads.

  • TrueView In-stream Ads play before the video that the viewer has chosen to watch. These ads also feature a countdown in the bottom left corner and a link to the website in the bottom right corner. In-stream Ads also have a banner which is placed to the right of the video, above the suggested videos list. This means advertisers/businesses can use the two in sync with each other.
  • TrueView Discovery Ads appear within the organic YouTube search results and also on the right of watch pages above the suggested videos. These ads include an image thumbnail and up to three lines of text. When a viewer clicks on these Discovery Ads, they will be taken to the YouTube watch page or relevant channel page to watch the video.

TrueView Ads are an incredible way to reach your target audience. Although the majority of viewers skip ads, this does mean that you’re more likely to spend money on people that are more interested in your business. Also, because the viewer can skip your advert, it does also mean you can experiment with different types of videos to see which are more interactive and what viewers find more appealing.

2. Non-skippable In-Stream Ad

Non-skippable In-stream Ads are pretty much the same as TrueView In-stream Ads, but this time the advert cannot be skipped. As the viewer doesn’t have as much control over these ads, they are not classed as “TrueView”. It’s fairly well-known that unskippable ads aren’t the most liked type of ad. Non-skippable ads have to be between 15-20 seconds now, rather than the 30 seconds they used to be. The adverts aren’t only played before videos, they can also be played mid way through videos that are 10 minutes or longer. 

Unlike the TrueView ads, businesses pay for non-skippable ads on a CPM basis. This stands for cost-per-mille which means you pay a fee per thousand views. This means that it’s even more important to make sure the advert is perfectly targeted so you don’t waste money paying for the ads. CPM advertising is commonly associated with businesses that are trying to achieve a huge amount of exposure.

3. Bumper In-stream Ads

Bumper ads are also non-skippable ads which play before the viewers’ video. However, they must be less than 6 seconds long. We know that this might sound like a short amount of time to fill an ad slot, but you can fit a lot of key information in and be creative with this short segment.

Advertisers pay for bumper ads in the CPM format like mentioned above.Quite a lot of brands use these types of adverts as part of a larger advertising campaign across Youtube using other ad formats.

4. Overlay Ads

Overlay Ads are commonly described as the simplest form of advertising on the platform. These are banner ads which show up at the bottom of videos. Overlay Ads can be text-based, image-based or a mix of both. They get the point across and they’re easy for the viewer to cross off if they wouldn’t like it on screen.

5. Sponsored Card Ads

Sponsored Cards appear within videos as little call-to-action (CTA) pop-ups. They’re a really subtle way of marketing your business. A small “i” pops up in the top right corner of the video and when the viewer clicks on this symbol, the card expands. However, if you hover the cursor over the “i”, some text will appear in order to give the viewer a little hint as to what the advert may be about. The sponsored cards can also advertise other YouTube videos and products through Google Shopping.

6. Display Ads

These are another form of subtle, simple advertising on Youtube. This form of advert has been around for a while. They appear on the right side above the suggested videos. Display ads can be shown in a multitude of different sizes. 

As you can see, there’s a large variety of different types of ads for YouTube. They all allow you to market your business in a way that works for all. Whether you want to tell a story or just simply show your business at the bottom of the video, there is a type for everything.

But WHY Would I Want To Advertise On YouTube?

This is an extremely valid question to ask. The main answer is that it has many benefits. YouTube ads can be used to complete a variety of objectives for your business. These include, but not limited to:

  • Grow Sales – It may help to target audiences you’ve never tried before, and this has the potential to reach new people to further grow your sales.


  • Influence The Viewers’ Decision – Videos that manage to justify why your product or business is the better one to buy from convert the best.


  • Build Brand Awareness – Try to introduce your brand to new customers. It may be best to target people who are into similar products or businesses. 


At the end of the day though, depending on what your business objectives are, there most likely will be many pros to using YouTube ads to reach those objectives.

We hope this helped many of you business owners to think a little bit more about using YouTube ads. It’s a fantastic way to reach audiences on one of the most popular websites in the World!


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