How To Advertise Your Business Across Social Media

Social media has grown into one of the most popular creations in recent years. From posting photos of your cat, to sharing statuses on what you had for lunch, social media is a vast, and at times, scary world. We hope this article eases any worries you may have over social media and how advertising across social media can help your business.

Using Facebook To Advertise Your Business

Facebook has been around since it was founded in 2004. Some would argue that it was the very first social media platform.

In order to begin advertising across Facebook, you will need to think of a few things:

  • Your business objective
  • Your target audience and who you want to reach
  • A daily or lifetime budget for your advert
  • Photos or videos to feature in your advert

There are usually many reasons why a business, big or small, may want to begin advertising their business. This could be to make people more aware of your business or brand, create more enthusiasm for your brand, but the main reason is most likely to make consumers want to buy your product or purchase from your business.

Facebook Ads can allow you to advertise to specific audiences. You can change the location, age and gender, language, interests, behaviours, devices, and many more. This means you can change your advertising technique and audience to further grow your business and see what works and doesn’t quite work.

Ads Manager is a tool on Facebook which lets you create and manage any adverts that you are wanting to create or that are already running. This tool also allows you to see how your ads are performing across Facebook. You can view up-to-date data and view schedule reports.

You can use different types of ads on Facebook, including:

  • Image Ads – These types of ads try to drive customers to a certain website or app using visuals. These can be your own images or stock photos.


  • Video Ads – This type allows you to show off your product or business and advertise using sound and motion. You can also edit the video using the Video Creation Kit in Ads Manager.


  • Carousel Ads – This means you can place up to 10 images, photos or videos within one advert, each having its own link. You can get creative with this one too.


  • Collection Ads – With this type, you can push items from your product catalogue in order to encourage people to make a purchase.

The cost of Facebook ads varies. You can personally decide how much you’re willing to spend by setting a budget for each of your ad campaigns. Facebook runs an auction system where you let them know how much you’re willing to bid for your ad to be shown to your chosen audience. The bids are based on the cost-per-click on your ad or the cost-per-impression on your ad. 

Your Facebook ads will be shown to your target audience for desktop and mobile News Feed and/or the right hand column. This placement means you can reach your audience wherever they are with whatever device. 

Facebook is a great place to set up ads because you can reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of people based on your ad strategy.

Instagram: Getting Started With Advertising

Instagram was founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom. It has gained millions of users over the years to make it one of the most popular apps in the world.

Advertising your business on Instagram is a fantastic way to drive awareness, increase the number of customers and share your businesses’ story to a wider audience. You can start increasing your following and sales by reaching new people with posts that you already have on Instagram. 

Instagram ads are shown in a way to provide a subtle experience for the audience that sees it. There are multiple different types of advertisements on Instagram:

  • Stories Ads – Millions of people use stories every single day. As they take up the full screen, many businesses prefer them as the audience won’t be distracted by other things.


  • Photo Ads – These can be a nice way to fit into the audience’s feed. They can be square or landscape and it’s a way to easily link to your business.


  • Video Ads – These provide a similarly visual experience as the photo ads, but with the bonus of sound and motion too. You can now share videos up to 120 seconds long (Also in square or landscape).


  • Carousel Ads – You can also create a carousel which means the audience can swipe to see other photos or videos in one ad campaign.


  • Collection Ads – You can use collection ads to visually help your audience discover, browse or purchase products. You can tell your story through video, photos or both.


  • Explore Ads – You can reach people who already have the mindset of discovering new pages and business. Many people go onto the explore page in order to find new pages, so this is a great place to advertise for that reason.

There are a multitude of ways to actually buy the ads. You can buy within the Instagram app, use Ads manager, as mentioned earlier, or use an Instagram Partner. The easiest way is probably doing it within the app. You can simply promote posts you’ve already uploaded in order to reach more people.

Instagram Ads allow you to reach a variety of people using different targeting options. You could reach people based on their location (country, city), demographics (age, gender), interests (apps they use, accounts they follow), and behaviours (what they do on and off Instagram). You can also run your ads to customers that you already know based on their email address or phone number. You may also want to find new people who are similar to your existing customers by using Lookalike Audiences. Another way is to use Automated Targeting which Instagram helps you quickly create. 

As usual though, it’s important to figure out what your business goals are. Do you want to raise awareness? Increase conversion? The possibilities are endless. 

It’s fairly simple to start advertising on Instagram Firstly, you need a Facebook Page which means you can create a free business profile on Instagram. Then you’ll set up your ad, in terms of selecting which post etc. Then you will decide how long your ads will run for and your budget. Finally, you will be ready so you just need to click Publish. You will receive a notification when your ads have been approved. 

Instagram is a really useful place to advertise due to the sheer fact that there are millions of users. Due to it being a photo/video sharing app, this makes it a great place to subtly fit in, but also stand out at the same time when you’re advertising.

Twitter Advertising: The Basics

Twitter was founded in 2006 which makes it one of the more earlier social media platforms to come out.

Like with the majority of apps, Twitter Ads campaigns help you reach your business goals, such as building awareness and increasing sales. There’s also no minimum spend required.

Twitter has a huge range of different ads, including: Amplify Pre-Roll, Amplify Sponsorships, First View, and Branded Hashtags. These types of ads also allow you to include an App Card to push people towards an app, or a Website link to drive people towards your website. However, the more popular types of ads are:

  • Promoted Tweets – You can run a poll, add gifs, your own images or even promote your account using Promoted Tweets. These do however work best with engagement, reach and follower types of campaigns.


  • Carousel Ads – These allow you to show off products, tell a story or highlight more features your business can offer., all within one single ad. Carousels can include up to 6 images or videos that can push customers directly to your website or app.


  • Video Ads – Some of the fastest-growing and most engaging media formats are Videos Ads. You can launch a video on Twitter to create a memorable impression for the audience.

You can actually analyze your performance of ads too. You can track your impressions, engagements, and cost-per-result across your different ad campaigns. This helps you see what is and isn’t working.

Twitter allows you to speak directly to your potential customers using replies. Once you start running ads, you will be able to see real-time feedback in the replies and learn what seems to be working and what isn’t.

TikTok: Create Viral Advertising

TikTok was initially released in 2016, but the stable release was 2020.

When you hear about TikTok, you may think about the lip-syncing, dancing teenagers who commonly use it. However, it can be one of the most amazing apps to advertise and grow a business. 

TikTok For Business allows you to be creative in order to grow your business even more. As TikTok describes it, it’s “a fully immersive no judgement world where there’s an audience for every voice”. Whether your business is big or small, TikTok is a great place for people to discover your brand.

There’s multiple different types of ads for TikTok, including, but not limited to::

  • In-feed Ads – These types of ads are possibly the most affordable for startup businesses or smaller businesses as you pay per 1000 views. They show up like an actual TikTok video when the customer is scrolling through their feed. One good thing about this is that you don’t technically need a TikTok account in order to do this. You can make the potential customer move to a website or app instead. 


  • Brand Takeover Ads – These are extremely expensive, costing thousands of pounds to create. This is because this particular ad appears instantly when a user opens the TikTok app.


  • Branded Effects/Lenses – This type of advertising allows you to create a personalised effect or lens for users to use. This then promotes your brand and pushes it to more users.

You also don’t technically need to pay for ads on TikTok. As with most social media platforms, you can just create special, interactive content for users to see. However, with TikTok, it’s one of the easier platforms to go viral on. Creating unique videos which also can link to trends etc is a great way to grow your business more organically on the app. Users enjoy when businesses are more down to earth and audience friendly (replying to comments etc).

TikTok is one of those apps that although it’s fairly new, it can still be used to greatly grow a business.

Why Should I Advertise My Business On Social Media?

There are many different reasons as to why you should use social media to advertise your business. 

One reason is that it allows you to connect with existing or potential customers. This connection means that the user of the certain app will feel like you’re a more reliable business with good customer service. It also means you can access feedback more often and easier as there is often a section on the app to see insights for specific ad campaigns.

The number of social media platforms and apps means that some may specialise in certain types of ads more than others. This means you can swap and switch your campaigns and create different ones for certain apps. This means you can create the ads specifically for the platform rather than making just one and using it across them all, which may not work as well.

Social media advertising also means you can target specific audiences. Therefore, you can set your campaigns to run for a demographic that may not know as much about your business as other demographics. It also allows you to decide on different countries you may want your business to grow customers in.

To conclude, social media is one of the greatest tools that a business can use in the modern age. The amount of potential customers and users you can reach is astronomical. Although there are other social media platforms, these are the main ones that will most likely give you a greater ROI (return on investment). It may take a while to get used to social media depending on your experience, but once you get the hang of it, the possibilities of what you can do on them are endless.


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