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Show/Girl Coaching – Interview with Founder, Sarah Bryer

Sarah Bryer runs a business that is built on a desire to help other women to achieve their goals. We chatted to her about her business.

Show/Girl Coaching Founder, Sarah Bryer

Sarah Bryer runs a business that is built on a desire to help other women to achieve their goals. We chatted to her about her business, what inspired her to start in and how she has navigated the small matter of a raging global pandemic!

In a nutshell, what do you do?

Put simply, I am a Life and Career Coach – I am a powerful solution to help you solve issues and gain clarity and accountability.


Life or Career Coaching is traditionally focused on business owners or executives.


SHOW/GIRL is for women who have dreams but don’t quite know how to get there by themselves.


I run the business by myself.

What makes you different from your competitors?

SHOW/GIRL is different.

Created for women who are in male oriented jobs or industries, jobs that are traditionally ‘taboo’ (like sex work) and women in a performance role. I also work with women who are domestic abuse survivors.

What inspired you to start this sort of business?

SHOW/GIRL was born out of my upbringing and experiences but began when I was watching an American Football Game with my husband. I asked out loud – What happens to the Cheerleaders once this job finishes? What’s next for them? Who gives them guidance, looks after their careers? Do they have a plan for their future?

Years went by and we have now witnessed more changes in the world including various campaigns like #metoo and #Timesup. Scandal after scandal of girls and women being taken advantage of, their gender being a barrier or an excuse. In the meantime, I fought more battles in corporate settings. I honed my development and coaching skills, got NLP accredited, worked with and mentored as many women as I could and made it my mission to enable and empower them in the workplace. I realised I had found my place and knew what my legacy would be to the world, to work with women in the beauty and performance industries, women in male-dominated environments and taboo professions.

My vision is- that through the power of coaching I help them to feel confident and love themselves inside and out; and excited about what their future has to hold.


2020: What a year! How has the pandemic affected you?

I’m just starting. Have been made redundant and Show/Girl is the product of that! I do have a background in recruitment and training, so I am doing free sessions on CV best practise and Interview skills to try and help as many people affected by COVID as possible.

What do you love most about running your business?

I know I can make a difference to women’s lives – when the penny drops and women make a positive change, it makes it all worth it. I get to do some pro bono work too.


And what are the biggest challenges?

Social Media. Not my natural happy place, but keeping up with it, learning to ignore some of the toxic and scary stuff out there. Using the report button when people are spamming groups designed to help women. I did read a marketing book, which went on about being consistent, if you are on Facebook 3 times a week, be there 3 times a week. It won’t create a million engagements first time, people have to see you a lot- So I’m still working on it!


Share one piece of advice for an aspiring entrepreneur?

Try and have as much money /resources behind you as possible to give your dream a good go. Otherwise you will be frightened and take a job you hate. The longer you can give yourself to make your dream work the better (even if it means getting a part time job to make the dream last longer).

2nd bit of advice- if I may – measure EVERYTHING. If you can’t measure it – you can’t improve it. Every Saturday I do my ‘figures’ I go back and see how many posts I’ve made on social media, how many followers gained etc to see what is making the difference. I review posts with the most engagement to stop doing things that don’t work and focus on things that do.


Thank you so much, Sarah!


Find Out More

You can find out more about Sarah’s coaching on her website.


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