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The Campaign to Allow Hospitality Venues to Open for Remote Workers

2 months ago

Covid has crippled hospitality. And with many months still ahead of these venues before anything close to normal service can resume, Founder of Work Anywhere Hub, James Santi, is calling for a lifeline. He’s started a petition to lobby the Government to permit hospitality venues to open as workspaces for remote workers on March 8th.

James Santi

The petition calls for restaurants, cinemas, bars and other venues that have had to close legally to be allowed to open up and rent out space to remote workers who need to get away from home, but don’t necessarily need or want to travel to a dedicated office space. James believes this could be a much needed lifeline for many of these businesses, commenting:

“Work Anywhere Hub proposes that all venues be allowed to open as remote, COVID-safe workspaces until we are allowed to reopen to the public. This might not be until May so we need to be making use of our spaces now.

Pubs, restaurants, cinemas, stately homes, we all have space to rent and workers do not want to take public transport to travel to work, so let us open up as remote workspaces thus reviving our businesses, offering a safe environment for employees in which to work, and offering employers pay per day workspace locations to enable them to cut overheads.”

Hospitality Venues as Workspaces

With coworking spaces still permitted to operate, lots of would-be home workers have the opportunity to work from a shared space if they cannot get the job done in their own house.

Hospitality venues often have wifi, seating and (particularly with the doors closed!) enough space to make social distancing perfectly feasible.

Here’s hoping this petition is successful.

Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith
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