75% of the UK’s Self Employed Use Personal Mobiles for Business

9 months ago

Confession. I’m amongst them. I have an office landline number but many clients still have my personal mobile number. So by no means am I preaching here, but I was astonished to find that I’m amongst such a whopping majority.

Research from Moneypenny found that:

  •  77% of self employed people use their mobile numbers for business purposes on an on going basis
  • A further 19% of them do so but just in the early few months
  • Just 4% set up a landline for work immediately
freelance mobile phone usage statistics

Furthermore, a whopping 93% of those using their own phones for business admit to having been unable to take business calls at one stage or another and 40% say this is at least a weekly occurrence.

Answering Etiquette

I know from experience that having both business and personal calls coming through a mobile makes for some confused answering etiquette. If someone calls on my business landline, the phone is always answered professionally. If it’s on my mobile, it’s a mish mash.

Clients I know get a “hi!” and that’s fine. But calls from numbers I don’t know can be hit and miss. 

Note to self: must do better.

It’s not just me in this pickle. Almost half of those surveyed admit a friend or family member has answered a business call on their mobile and 31% state they don’t mention their business name when answering calls.


What about you? Professional on the phone or a little bit lax sometimes?


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75% of the UK’s Self Employed Use Personal Mobiles for Business